About "One With Dog"

Many, many years ago, my Sheltie puppy was afraid of her own shadow and I kept hearing people say, "you can fix that if you get that pup into dog agility!" Back then, dog agility was just starting to take off in the States and I had no idea what it was. And then, like a sign from God, I spotted a flyer in the local feed store and after a weekend agility "try it to see if you like it" course - I WAS HOOKED! I never knew how much fun life could be with a dog - and then came Troyboy to help further explain the bond between dogs and their humans.

A little white Sheltie with a black patch over his eye who couldn't hear a thing and when he was seven, went totally blind. He taught me more about the wonders and meaning of life than anybody I have ever known - and Troyboy was the best agility instructor I ever had. Until he went blind, Troy competed in agility and actually went to a National competition. He taught me that dogs react to your body language and your energy the best, and that they love to do everything they possibly can with their humans because it fulfills their life's journey.

I now teach humans to "learn from their dogs" in Dog Agility and Doggy Good Manners classes at our facility in Riverside, California - CampWannaQ. I am also a graphic designer and through my years of observation between dog and human, have created a series of designs based on "One With Dog" - celebrating the fun and meaningful things people do with their dogs that not only enrich their lives, but often the lives of others.

I hope you will celebrate and WEAR PROUDLY, the FUN you have with your dog and that you too are "One with Dog".